Ch.01 - Riyenas (1)
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Korean 1화 리옌나스 1
Season 1
Chapter 01
Release Date December 8, 2011
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Ch.00 - Prologue
Ch.02 - Riyenas (2)


Nearly a decade before the starts starts off, the main heroine Reana Forté was asked to choose between which parent she would rather live with.  Evidently sad about deciding, she asks why they all couldn't live together.  Before choosing, her older brother declares he will go with their mom thus Reana stays with their father.  The family then go their separate ways.  A young crying Reana asks herself why it has to be this way.

The narrator - Reana - states that there are times when you have to accept things that cannot change, even if it was something very important.

Reana then wakes up from her dream, crying to herself since it was something she had long forgotten.

As she opens her window, Reana notices that the residences have already started their day.  As two technicians argue on a glider's design, Reana greets everyone before taking off to glide.  As she flies, she recalls about her parents' divorce and how she once tried to reach her mother and brother by gliding only to end up injuring herself.  Seeing her father cry for her safety, she decides that, instead of reaching for those out of her grasp, she will focus on the happiness of the precious ones in front of her (in this case, her father, Roy Forté).

Somewhere nearby a magnificent tree in the woods, the black haired boy from the prologue is covered in a red crimson miasma.  The assailant in red threatens him to hand over the dragon pearl.  The boy then alters to his dragon form.  The assailant laughs, commenting that the dragon will die, leaving the dragon pearl for his own use.  Just as the dragon attacks with a powerful blast, the effect knocks Reana off-course and crashlands near the tree.

Getting herself to safety, she finds remnants of the red miasma and discovers the injured dragon.  As she goes near it, questioning what creature it is as it resembles a bird, the dragon opens its eyes.  Reana tells the creature that she is harmless.  The dragon then collapses from its injuries.  Suddenly, a mysterious voice calls out and thanks her for being there.  It tells her that the creature in front of her is a dragon dying from poison, though with her help it can be saved.  She quickly agrees to, thus the voice instructs to place her hand on the dragon's head and to say the word "purification".

Trivia Edit

  • Riyenas (1) is the first chapter of the first season and the second chapter overall.


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