Ch.04 - Riyenas (4)
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Korean 4화 리옌나스 4
Season 1
Chapter 4
Release Date December 29, 2011
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Ch.03 - Riyenas (3)
Ch.05 - Riyenas (5)

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While walking back to the campsite, Reana notices that the strange symbol on her hand has disappeared. Didan states the reason behind this, is because of her emotional status, so she will not notice it.

As Reana ponders how she is going to explain Kairak to her neighbours, the campsite folk run up to welcome them. They are immediately smitten with Kairak, much to Reana's confusion. Didan quickly explains that he altered the people's memories so that they would welcome Kairak. He also adds that only Reana and Kairak can see him.

Didan gives Reana some jewels and gold, reassuring her that they will take care of her fees, Reana immediately burdened by this.

As they go along, Kairak follows her. Reana comes to the conclusion that it is because of the dragon pearl in her body. Kairak asks why everybody was so nice to him, prompting Reana to say that it is because they like him. Reana comments that "This is what it must be like to have a younger brother."

Soon, Reana reunites with her father and apologises for being out so late. He immediately dismisses this fact and asks Reana to carry a barrel full of beer. Reana comments that it is very light, even though it is completely full.

After much partying, she serves Kairak, and says that she did not know his tastes. Didan asks why they are partying, which Reana replies that it is the last night of camp. Reana, Kairak, and Didan return to the campsite.

During the meal, Kairak accidentally passes out due to be near too many humans, leaving reana to carry him to bed for the rest of the night. Once he is in bed, Didan explains to why he is like this. It is because of all the evil around him, interacting with humans for the first time in 300 years, stating that as long as Reana is around, Kairak should be okay.

Didan asks Reana what she knows about dragons, while Adult Kairak watches them through the pond in the purification chamber.

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