Ch.36 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (18)
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Korean 36화 푸른 환수의 숲 18
Season 1
Chapter 36
Release Date August 8, 2012
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Summary Edit

Raltons servant, Hick, finally arrives at the Hunter stronghold and begins looking for Ralton.

The Urum stand over the lake because they feel a disturbance under it.

Under the lake Reana is using the power of the Dragon Pearl. The cave is covered in blue light and Kairak watches her from a short distance away.

The Hunters start to panic. The Riyenas has come and caught them in the act of taking her friend, so they are afraid. One Hunter, Ise, says that they should take the blame for this so their entire race does not suffer. They think Reana will vaporize them.

Karin arrives and tells them to stop. She walks forward to try and salvage the situation. Since Reana is a human the Hunters may be able to stage this as an accident.

Reana stops using her powers and checks if Ralton is alright. She looks back and is shocked to see that the Karin and the Hunters are kneeling and they start to beg Reanas forgiveness....

But Reana says sorry first, because she had to kill the Uduk.

Didan yells at Reana, and tells her she should be mad. Reana says its only right for her to take some blame for a death. Didan and the Hunters are speechless.

Both Karin and Didan call Reana nasty names inside their heads and consider her stupid for feeling this way.

Since Reana is emotional now her hand still glows, its light calls up three baby Urum from the ground.

Karin, who feels safe now, says the Urum outside must have been looking for the babies.

Karin says that there is no reason for Reana to feel guilt over killing the Uduk, because Uduk have no minds of their own.

Reana holds the baby Urums in her arms. Karin says that she will now go contact the elders and get the information Reana wanted.

Reana and co. start down the stairs and Reana starts thinking about who she met in the Dragon Pearl. She thinks he and Kairak act similar but are not in some ways. Reana blushes and stops.

All characters leave to rest after the long night.


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