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A Dragon Artifact (용기, Yonggi, lit. Vessel) is a powerful item that is infused with the powers of a Dragon. Dragon Artifacts cannot be created by normal methods and have complications to activate. These Artifacts can be of any item—swords, gates, needles, claws—and are the only known weapons capable of killing Mirage Beasts.

Nearly all of the dragons who lived on Reana's planet are gone and have left for another world and further develop it; since they require a dragon to be made, the creation of new Dragon Artifacts has ceased for centuries.



Every Dragon Artifact possess a core (원핵, Wonhaek, lit. Prokaryotic), a small stone which is necessary for its function as it is the Artifact's source of power. These stones are created by a Riyenas with a stable Dragon Pearl by exhaling onto a transparent stone; this action pours a portion of the dragon's power into it.

Though cores are usually embedded into items, the stones can also be kept for medical purposes (instantly healing life-threatening injuries; regenerating lost limbs) however must be recharged by a Riyenas to be constantly used. Karin states that these stones are akin to the Light of the Akoom.

Flame VeilsEdit

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A physical difference between general and named Artifacts would be their display of Flame Veils (불꽃너울, Bulkkoneoul); the former shows only a slither from their core, whilst named Artifacts have thicker and more defined Flame Veils.


In terms of contract (계약 Gyeyak, lit. Contract) for general Dragon Artifacts, a performance must be done with the Artifact in order to become its Contractor (for the Moonlight-Slicing Sword, cleansing a bowl of water). Once the performance is done, the person becomes owner and Contractor of the Dragon Artifact; multiple attempts in contracting are allowed if failed to.


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Contractors is the main term referring to the users of Dragon Artifacts. Using any Dragon Artifact requires a contract, therefore users of Dragon Artifacts are aptly named Contractors.

Dragon KnightsEdit

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Dragon Knights (용기사, Yonggisa) are elite soldiers of the Kingdom of Earthside. They are the only humans permitted to use Dragon Artifacts; citizens who contract a Dragon Artifact but is not a Dragon Knight is an illegal act. The color of their uniform displays their Artifact's class rank.

Mirage Beast HuntersEdit

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Known as Mirage Beast Hunters (환수 사냥꾼, Hwansu Sangyangkkun, lit. Restitutory Hunter), they are Imugi who hunt lesser Mirage Beasts for trade—particularly their hide and blood. They are the providers of goods for Python Enterprise and work under Karin, who not only owns the merchant company, but is also the founder of the Hunter community.


Centuries after Imugi acquired the role of Riyenas, the Dragons recognized and chose the Akoom race for the role. Artifacts of the Light and Darkness elements were created by the Akoom; the latter can only be activated by them. When humans began to live on the New Continent, the Akoom were enslaved by them and their population rapidly declined. Akoom Contractors are exceedingly rare from the current timeline.


Though the power that Contractors obtain is incredible, every use of a Dragon Artifact eats away the user's life force and mentality. This gradual demise is dubbed as Mind Corruption (정신폭주, Jeongsinpokju, lit. Mental Congestion) namely because of Contractors pushing over the limit of their mental power. Overuse will cause severe headaches which would accumulate to a loss of consciousness; the Contractor would have a serious mental breakdown and usually goes berserk from mindlessness, resulting in their death.

If a person tries to use an Artifact without contracting it, their mentality will be rapidly consumed by the Artifact and is quickly mutated into Blackthorn.


When a user dies from either overuse or force of use, their body turns into a Blackthorn (블랙덤, Beullaekdeom, lit. Black Bush), a corpse covered in red-black spikes; it is called Blackthorn because of its resemblance to a burnt thorn bush. The shape of Blackthorn helps determine how the user was killed from the Artifact.

Every time a Contractor uses an Artifact, they develop a small portion of Blackthorn in their blood. The rate of consummation from Blackthorn defers from every Contractor depending on their tolerance. Once a Contractor exceeds their level of resilience, Blackthorn explodes out of their body and completely envelops them in it.


Categorized by Elements (속성, Sokseong, lit. Properties), only one is given for every Artifact. Known attributes are:

  • Darkness (어둠, Eodum):  Gives off a black-colored Flame Veil. It can manipulate space, moving one thing to another place. Only Akoom can contract this element.
  • Earth (대지, Daeji):  The most common type that human Contractors have. Gives off an orange-colored Flame Veil.
  • Fire (불, Bul): Gives off a red-colored Flame Veil. It is known for its destructive features.
  • Light (빛, Bich):  Gives off a yellow-colored Flame Veil. Though it's known for 'purifying' characteristics, there are also weapons of this element. It is considered rare for people to contract light-type Artifacts (most specifically humans).
  • Wind (바람, Baram):  Gives off a green-colored Flame Veil.
  • Chaos (혼돈, Hondon):  Chaos is not an original attribute, its background shrouded in mystery. Its main characteristics is to read and control minds. Gives off a purple-colored Flame Veil.

Categories & ClassificationEdit

Though they are commonly encountered as weapons, there are many Dragon Artifacts with utilitarian purposes as well. Some are categorized as storage, tracking or guiding, each having their own specific and unique traits; Guide Artifacts, for example, are known for their teleporting abilities.

Dragon Artifacts are divided into Classes depending on its quality and size of their core (Named, Special-, First-, Second- and Third-Class with the former being the highest rank).

Named Dragon ArtifactsEdit

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Named Dragon Artifacts are of the highest quality thus are the most powerful in that they were personally created by the dragons themselves. They are incredibly rare with only four named Dragon Artifacts known in the webtoon:  Lance of Zainarak, Bow of Rahutanoks, Armor of Altum, and the Revolver of Kairak.

Named Dragon Artifacts

Artifact Type Description Contractor
Lance of Zainarak (Fire) Weapon  •  Lance Destructive power; creates a fire lance Reihart Frihanov Cantaré  •  Yugi(formerly)
Armor of Altum (Earth) Weapon  •  Shield Creates a protective armor around the user Mugi  •  Charin(formerly)
Bow of Rahutanoks (Darkness) Weapon/Guide  •  Bow Teleports anything it hits Dark
Revolver of Kairak (Wind) Weapon  •  Revolver Blasts energy Reihart Frihanov Cantaré

Special-Class Dragon ArtifactsEdit

Special-Class Artifacts endows the user to control the element that coincides the Artifact's. Their performance allows close and mid-range combat. The most powerful techniques can resemble a small-scale natural disaster. Their contract requires more burdensome performances.

Special-Class Dragon Artifacts

Artifact Type Description Contractor
Fan of the Striking Wind (Wind) Weapon  •  Fan Changes the pressure of the surrounding air to cause the wind to spin rapidly Karin
Dragon Nails (Earth) Weapon  •  Claws Manipulates surrounding earth, deteriorate buildings West Stravin(deceased)
Nadan Mask/Monoliths Creates a visual or audio communication; stores information Imugi
Witch of the Night (Chaos) Weapon  •  Scythe Going through minds  •  It will induce anyone within its 100km radius to commit suicide Eren Rochard  •  Tashia Rochard(deceased)
Door of Dimensions Guide  •  Gates Teleports anyone passing through it to another gate in desired location Akoom(formerly)

First-Class Dragon ArtifactsEdit

First-Class Dragon Artifacts

Artifact Type Description Contractor
Flail Whip (Earth) Weapon  •  Flail whip Extends length of thongs to ensnare target Kaneta
Warrior Clubs (Earth) Weapon  •  Cudgel Manipulates Artifact's weight and range Lupenin Laiden
Gloves of the Giant (Earth) Weapon  •  Pair of Gloves Explodes the object in contact Millanka

Second-Class Dragon ArtifactsEdit

For humans, trying to contract a Second-Class Dragon Artifact is already a difficult and wearisome task to do.

Second-Class Dragon Artifacts

Artifact Type Description Contractor
Moonlight-Slicing Sword (Light) Weapon  •  Line Sword Creates a blade made of light that can change its size Reana Forté  •  Unknown Contractor(formerly)
Tailbone Sword (Light) Weapon  •  Sword Can transition into a whip sword Hatton(deceased)

Third-Class Dragon ArtifactsEdit

As of yet, there have been no appearances of Third-Class Dragon Knights or official Third-Class Artifacts shown in the series, though it is speculated (by fans) that these Artifacts do not have glowing cores as there have been Artifacts seen without (but were not detailed of its grade).

Other Dragon ArtifactsEdit

There have been numerous Artifacts throughout the series that have not been revealed of their class rank. Some of them are, however, powerful.

Other Dragon Artifacts

Artifact Type Description Contractor
Guide Needles (Darkness) Guide  •  Pair of Needles Teleports the user to the second needle's location Hick(deceased)
Sphere of Volume (Light) Storage  •  Lamp Stores anything enclosed in the sphere Ise
Comb of Injections Syringes — — Biramu(missing)
Accreting Rope Rope Extends its length to ensnare target Ragi(missing)
Button of Direction — — Navigates where the other button's location is Imugi
Bloody Ropes (Chaos) Threads Creates a thread-like material made of blood and hair Charger
Branch of God (Light) Staff — — — —
Giant Sword (Fire) Weapon  •  Sword — — Tagi
Double-ended Halberd (Fire) Weapon  •  Halberd — — Kamu
Branch of Light (Light) — — Enables user, people or objects with invisibility by reflecting light Luna Forté

Artificial Dragon ArtifactsEdit

Though unheard of, items can be imbued with Flame Veils thus be utilized as Dragon Artifacts. Unfortunately, these items can only be used once. The method of creating an artificial Artifact can only be possible if an abundance of high quality Flame Veils is in possession of the maker (a Contractor of a named Dragon Artifact, for example).