Fan of the Striking Wind
Item Information
Owner(s) Karin
Type Fan
Element Wind
Abilities Changes the pressure of the surrounding air to create wind
Contract Travel around the world in a jet stream
Season 1
Chapter Ch.25 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (7)

Fan of the Striking Wind (내치는 바람의 부채, Naechineun Baramui Buchae) is a Special-Class Dragon Artifact of the Wind element that models a black fan. It can change the pressure of the surrounding air to produce wind.

Overview Edit

As a Special-Class Dragon Artifact, it is very powerful; when the Lance of Zainarak went missing, Karin, an Imugi Kirin, was given the Fan as a substitute for the lost named Artifact.

Appearance Edit

Its appearance is a large, hand-held folding fan, its sticks and leaves entirely black. Unlike a traditional hand fan, the rivet is located near the shoulder's center rather than the ends of the sticks.

It's inscriptions is located on the shoulder of one of its guard sticks and glows green when activated. The core is positioned where the rivet is placed near the center of the shoulder.

Originally, the glow emitting from its core was supposedly blue in color, however has changed to green.

Abilities Edit

The Fan is able to change the pressure of the surrounding airflow to spin rapidly, creating strong winds. As a Special-Class, it can create natural disasters on a small scale.

  • Blasts of Wind: Karin can create powerful blasts of wind to either attack her enemies or propel herself from one place to another at great speed. At its fullest, it combines a blast of wind with (weak) Flame Veils, resembling a (faint) huge green disk.
  • Twister: the Fan can generate a twister to encircle a target in it. The power of the twister depends on the surrounding environment as Karin stated that the twister she created underground in the Labyrinth of Terre was weaker than usual.
  • Jet Stream: Since the contract involves creating a jet stream, it is believed that the Fan can create one.

Contract Requirements Edit

As a Special-Class Dragon Artifact, its contract requirement is more challenging than most Artifacts. For the Fan of the Striking Wind, a person must create a jet stream with it and travel around the world in exchange for its ownership.

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