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Biographical Information
Korean 카이락
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Dragon
Gender Male
Hair Color Black; Long
Eye Color Aqua
Family Munyak (Mother)
Reana Forté {Lover)
Kain Forté(Son)
Affiliation Reana Forté (Riyenas)
Didan (Servant)
Abilities Dragon Pearl
Season 1
Chapter Ch.00 - Prologue
If I were to have one wish on this meaningless planet...It would be to share the same space, share the same emotions and bond with her. I just only want to stay with her. The owner of my life.


Kairak (카이락, Kairak) is the deuteragonist of the Korean webtoon series Abide in the Wind. He is one of the last Dragons on the planet and made Reana Forté his Riyenas. He is a 299-year old dragon and the son of Munyak. After placing the entire country into a perpetual blizzard in Season 2, he is infamously known as 'Disaster Kairak' (재해 카이락, Jaehae Kairak).


Kairak's ponytail

Pre-teen KairakEdit

Kairak is a slender youthful figure of a height of five feet and four inches (164cm).[1] He has long messy black hair, which he later wears in a ponytail, pale white skin, aqua colored eyes, and a scar above his left ankle. He wears a teal shirt with yellow trimmed collar, along with two slits on the side of his waist, white breeches, and black slippers. His facial expression rarely changes, however Kairak does show frustration when other people tries to get too close to Reana. 

Teen Kairak 2

Teen Kairak in Chapter 94

Teen KairakEdit

Kairak is five feet and eight inches tall (175cm). He has longer hair that extends down below his waist, tied in a ponytail, a teal shirt, similar to an Eastern shirt, decorated with yellow trimming along the opening of the shirt, a maroon fabric under the slits of the shirt, white trousers, and black slippers. His expression changed from being stoic to contentment after he grew.

Adult KairakEdit

Larger Kairak

Adult Kairak in chapter 35.

As an adult and conscious form, Kairak has long black hair that extend down to his ankles, no longer in a ponytail, two large gray horns protruding up, and two smaller beige colored horns on each side of his head. He wears a longer teal eastern shirt that reach to his his ankles with slits on the shoulders and front sides of the shirt, beige overcoat with a yellow collar, decorated with teal and maroon tendril pattern near the chest and cuff area, maroon underskirt, and black heeled boots.

Kairak makes his first appearance when Reana was purifying him from the Malevolence.[2] After he is seen holding Reana's hand, he then proceeds to change into the Dragon Pearl and absorbs to Reana's body.
Kairak epilogue

Kairak as he appears in the Epilogue.


In the Epilogue, Kairak greatly resembles his usual adult form, but wears a simple white sleeved button shirt and black trousers instead of the robes shown in the Purification Chamber. He also ties a small section of his hair back with a yellow ribbon. His ears are exposed, rounded in shape, and his expression gentle and genuine.

Personality Edit

Though Kairak is usually impassive, he can unexpectedly become violent. He is rather indifferent towards people except for Reana Forté, and is willing to potentially harm or glare at anyone should they try to come into contact with her. He is rather attentive to Reana's well-being and the possible dangers targeting her. Despite being impassive, he shows emotions in his physical and conscious form as his growth progresses.

Kairak's apathetic nature and lack of response cause him to become distant around others due to him not having contact with any other living being for 299 years. He is impassive towards other people and disregards their well-being; as Ralton was being consumed by an Uduk, he responds to Reana by saying, "The strong devour the weak. It is not something we should interfere with".[3] Though he is greatly fond of Reana, he disregards her own personal affairs wth unconcern as he found no meaning in rescuing her father, Roy Forté, stating "there is no reason to protect an empty shell".

Kairak's savage demeanor is shown towards any being he believes will pose a threat to Reana and him as seen in several occasions. He can be merciless without hesitating to attack others with the intent of killing them. Mugi experienced this firsthand after he tries to court Reana and nearly gets killed in the process.[4]

Kairak is shown to be perceptive of people's desires. He notes to Reana of Karin and Mugi's intentions of using her for their own personal desires.

Kairak is very devoted to Reana, following her and listening to what she has to say. He shows his devotion by being at Reana's side; never leaving his eyes from her. Proof of Kairak's commitment is seen when he made many attempts to hold her hand. Before Reana and Kairak departed Middle, he tells her, "My life is yours". He listens to Reana's orders as he follows an unconscious Ralton, carried by the Mirage Beast Hunters.

As the story progresses, Kairak begins to openly show emotions (such as jealousy) and gets more possessive of Reana. Though it has been said many times that Dragons are pure conscious beings with their feelings severed, according to Didan, Kairak begins to develop emotions and free will at an alarmingly fast rate. He has claimed that he cannot control his emotions and often act out without much thought. It is heavily implied that his future self will be influenced by these emotions.


As the last dragon on Earth, Kairak was taught at a young age that he must hurry to become a mature dragon in order to meet up with the other dragons who had left the planet. For nearly three centuries he lived in the center of a forest protected within a barrier by a large tree.

Plot Edit


Season 1 Episode 1:  RiyenasEdit

Kairak is first seen in his humanoid form and is attacked by a mysterious Contractor for his Dragon Pearl. Although Kairak is poisoned by 'Malevolence' (a fatal poison to dragons) from the assailant, he manages to fend the Dragon Knight off by reverting to his original dragon form and destroys the parasite's host. As Kairak is succumbs to the poison, he meets Reana before Didan (Kairaks servant) informs her to use the Purification ritual to save Kairak. When the ritual successfully rids Kairak from the poison, he reverts back to his humanoid form and waits for Reana to wake up. The Dragon Pearl now resides in Reana's left hand; Kairak now must stay in close proximity to Reana since the Pearl is his source of life.

Season 1 Episode:  KairakEdit

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Air Sword

Kairak creates an air sword.

Directional Compression 'Air Sword':  He generates an air sword by compressing air on his hand. The sword is as tall as he is.

Earth Element · Dragon Artifact offset:  He can focus energy on his palms and legs to create a shockwave between him and his opponent. The force is powerful enough to launch the opponent several meters back. The lethal attack can be avoided with the use of a dragon artifact.

Twister:  Kairak can lower the air pressure around his hands to form a twister, setting it perpendicular to the Earth's surface, in a matter of seconds.


Kairak observes the world.

Clairvoyance:  He is able to gather information by "Looking at the world". A pale aqua aura appears on his head, forming the shape of his horns, as its tendrils surrounds him. Since Kairak doesn't need to sleep like humans do on a regular basis, he collects knowledge through Clairvoyance. While he use this ability, Kairak stands in place as if he is in a contemplative trance. 

Immense Speed:  He is shown to be incredibly fast during fights. Kairak is fast enough to barely give the opponent the time to react.

Top-tier Charisma:  Whenever he smiles or looks at someone, women and men alike ends up blushing because of his handsome appearance. He only smiles to Reana, but when others sees it they blush too.

Mind Alteration:  Didan uses the power of the Dragon Pearl to alter the memories of people who have seen Kairak, but Kairak has yet to actively use this power.

Partial Transformation:  Kairak is capable to partially transform into a human-dragon hybrid when his horns appear.  He is able to use some of his power, that he normally use as a dragon, in his human form without having to fully transform into his dragon form.

Weather Control:  His mood or will can change the weather.

Spiritual Sense:  He can track Reana using the Dragon Pearl to see a trail of turquoise aura to Reana.

On Watch:  He never sleeps, ever, and does not need rest unless heavily injured.

Dragon Picture

Dragon FormEdit

In this form, Kairak becomes a beige colored dragon. Four gray horns extend outward to the sides of his head. Layers of rigid tan scales cascade from the neck to his back. Blue lucent wings glowing into multiple shade of colors; such as pink, purple, light blue, and turquoise. He has two long hind legs and a forked tail.

  • Flame Veils:  Two-tone Flame Veils (blue and purple) that surrounds Kairak in his dragon form.
  • Laser Fire:  He can charge a light blue energy and shoot it from his mouth.
  • Flight:  Kairak is shown to be incredibly fast in flight. He is able to cover distance in a short amount of time.


Reana Forté Edit

Kairak was saved by Reana through the Purification ritual, which got rid of the Malevolence poison infecting him. During the ritual, Kairak made her his Riyenas upon receiving her life force. They start off in a sibling type relationship, however as their time together grew his attitude towards her changes. Kairak's feelings quickly develop into a devoted yet obsessive love towards Reana.

Kairak is obedient to her, following every command she says until what she asks endangers her. He would do anything to have her stay with him forever, to the point where harming others is not an issue. He is very possessive of Reana and would threaten others to stay away from her.He would kill everyone.

Didan Edit

Prior to the start of the story, Kairak was raised by Didan for 299 years. He worries a great deal about Kairak's emotional development and is very concerned about him being an adult. He gets more concerned as he develops faster than expected.


Kairak's mother and Didan's previous master. She conceived him with her first (human) Riyenas.

Ralton EliasEdit

He is rivals with Ralton for Reana's attention. Kairak is often jealous when Ralton tries to hold Reana's hand and or tries to interact with her. Kairak usually gets in-between them by standing too close to Reana, glaring to Ralton, or annoying him with simple actions like throwing a slice of meat on Ralton's face.

Prince Reihart Frihanov CantaréEdit

Dislikes the prince. As Kairak is connected to Reana's feelings, he knows that she is afraid of Reihart, thus despises him to an extent.

Trivia Edit

  • Shin Weol (creator of AitW) chose his name from Typhoon Kai-tak (啓德).
  • Hobbies:  Being around with Reana, holding her hand, and watching her sleep.
  • Due to his possessive nature over Reana, he is considered a yandere (a Japanese term for a kind person who can suddenly become violent) by fans, although it is unknown if other dragons are like this towards their Riyenas.
  • He is an omnivore, though it's unknown if all dragons are.
  • Kairak starts to use round speech bubbles as a later teen, contrast to the square ones he used before.
  • Before meeting Reana, it seems he just carried around the Dragon Pearl in his hand or had it float beside him.


  • (To Reana)  "My life is yours."
  • "Didan, why do I exist?"
  • In an endless and everlasting intersections, the one ray of light directed from here to you (Reana)...
  • (About Reana)  If I were to have one wish on this meaningless would be to share the same space, share the same emotions, and bond with her. I just...want to stay with her...the owner of my life...
  • "The strong devour the weak. It is not something we should interfere with."