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Biographical Information
Korean 무냑
Occupation Dragon
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Dragon
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Aqua
Family Kairak (Son)
Affiliation Didan (Servant)
Season 1
Chapter Ch.31 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (13) (flashback)

Ch.65 - Stravin (flashback)
Ch.91 - Capital Hollan: Festival (1)

Munyak (무냑, Munyak) is the mother of Kairak.  She is known as the Earth dragon.


Munyak has dark brown skin, aqua eyes and long black hair that extends to the floor.  Her horns are thicker and curl to the front.  She wears formal white robes with thick yellow collar and green sleeve cuffs.  The necklace is wrapped by her white top - that exposes her cleavage - which is attached to her long sleeveless green dress that extends to the floor.


Like Kairak, Munyak has an impassive composure.

Munyak has two separate personality entities from the result of cleansing the corruption in her.  Munyak's consciousness divided into two separate personality entities, Muyang and Munii.


Nearly three-hundred years before the start of the series, Munyak gives birth to Kairak with her first Riyenas (whom is never mentioned in the story).  After discarding her first Riyenas from her life, she left Kairak in a barrier with Didan in charge of taking care of Kairak and went into hiding.  During this time, Munyak tries to purify herself which resulted in splitting her mind into two polar entities - Munii and Muyang.

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Centuries later Loenkant Frihanov Pahel came across Munyak in the secret underground labyrinth she had hidden herself in and became her second Riyenas.  Soon after with the power of her Jewel and the Dragon Artifacts, Kingdom Earthside was successfully established with Loenkant as its first king.  Her existence as a dragon was kept secret from many as only few of Loenkant's trustworthy people knew what she really was.

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Season 1 Episode:  StravinEdit

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Her powers are based on the earth element.


Kairak - She is the mother of Kairak.  Though it's hardly known what dragons feel for their offspring, Munkyak cared enough about her son's well-being to seal him within a barrier and stay away so that her negative emotion would not bring harm to him.

Reana Forté - Her son's Riyenas.  Though Reana has never truly meet Munyak, she has meet her personas.  Munii usually tells Reana important information during traveling, and only comes out it dire situations.  Munyung, is usually suppressed by Munii, but during their first encounter, she tried to "bound" with Reana to become a parasitoid, though she was unable to do so due to the bound Reana had with Kairak's dragon pearl.

Didan - Her previous servant before she gave birth to Kairak.  She leaves Didan to take care of Kairak until he is a full-fledged adult.  Though it's unknown what relation they had with one another, Didan got very upset with the Imugi elder and blamed they for causing Munyak demise.  He calls her by the title of Madam.

Duke West Stravin - The king's servant, and one of the select few whom knew of Munyak and the kings true relationship.  Like the Imugi, he considered her a powerful tool for the kingdom.  He believed that she had no emotions and considered the very idea preposterous.

King Loenkant Frihanov Pahel - Her former Riyenas.  They meet when the king discovered her labyrinth, due to Munyak's power, the earth kingdom won their independence.  They appeared to have a greet relationship until Stravinsky convinced the king to marry for heirs.  Thanks to the Imugi for showing Munyak a scene of this, she rejected the King and became irrational. though it's still unknown how, but she was sealed underground the palace in the capital.

Prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré - He was the one who freed Munyak from the collar.  Though he only did so for his own plans and to cause a commotion during his father's wedding. Reihart later helps free Munyak spirit from the Akoom's tree and ridding her of her troubled mental state.


  • She is the first female dragon to appear in the webtoon.