EmbarrasedRalton "Oh dear, this is quite embarrassing... I really wish you were here to help me, Hick."
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Ralton Elias
Biographical Information
Korean 랄튼 일라이어스
Occupation Journalist
Heir to the Elias family
Status Alive
Physical Traits
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Forest Green
Eye Color Hazel
Family Hick (Ralton'slave/friend; deceased)
Affiliation Enga (colleague)
Bentiya (employer; deceased)
Reana Forté (love interest)
Kairak (rival)
Reihart Frihanov Cantaré (S2)
Season 1
Chapter Ch.19 - Forest of Blue Mirage Beasts (1)
But Hick, you're a human! Just because your ears are shaped a little different doesn't make you non-human! Hair color, eye shape, height, voice; it's all different.

–Young Ralton to Hick

Ralton Elias (랄튼 일라이어스, Ralteun Illaieoseu) was a journalist from Hollan employed at the Hollan Times. He embarks on a mission to write a report about the Mirage Beast Hunters and their village with his slave, Hick, to accompany him. He is also the heir to the famous noble Elias family, known for their ancestor's adventures and historic journal entries of the New Continent before it officially became Earthside.


Ralton has hazel eyes, forest green hair (kept messy) and tanned skin. He often wears stiff collared shirts with suspenders.

He first appeared in a cream safari outfit for travel carrying a portable camera around his neck.

Season 2Edit



Several months after the death of his slave and friend, Hick, Ralton's appearance drastically changes to a thin and weary look, making him look older than he appears. He now has shoulder-length unkempt hair with thicker eyebrows and dark circles under his eyes. A few stubble is noticeable around his chin. He wears his clothes in a messy manner; it consists of a brown suit over a white collared shirt, a brown belt, black slacks, and brown loafers.


Ralton is introduced as a determined yet sensitive person and immature within. He cries over hardship as he was spoiled at a young age and is naïve towards strangers. Ralton tends to have Hick do every chore he does not want to do, however is willing to engage in them only when Hick is out of commission.

Ralton falls in love very easily; it is implied that he fell for many women before appearing in the story. None returned his feelings because of his eager yet awkward approach.

Post-Forest of Blue Mirage BeastsEdit

Ralton's demeanor changes significantly after his grievous experience of losing his dear servant. Not only has he shown great maturity, but now has a faster sense of judgment. His understanding has become sharper than his previous character and thinks ahead of events.


Ralton is the heir of the noble Elias family whose roots came from a well-known adventurer who traveled throughout the kingdom during its prime years. What we see of Ralton's past is everything from towering buildings to red carpeted slave markets. His family members are dressed very traditionally as well.

Plot Edit

Season 1 Episode 2: Forest of Blue Mirage BeastsEdit

Season 1 Episode:  RaltonEdit

After being kept by security, Ralton refuses to leave the area without Hick. Though he tries to barge back into the building, he is easily stopped and beaten by a Dragon Knight. The same knight then throws a bag of gold coins in front of him—its meaning suggests that not only did they just bought HIck from Ralton on the spot, but have also executed him. Ralton, now shaken in horror, slowly picks the bag and leaves, signifying his shame as a useless master.

Flashbacks reveal of Ralton's view of the Akoom race as no different than human's, detailing his close relationship with his reliable servant.

Season 1 Episode 6:  Hollan - CollapseEdit

After the tragic event of losing his cherished slave, it is heavily implied that Ralton quit his job as journalist and assumes the alias "R". He becomes a whistleblower while using this moniker and spreads news about the king's wrongdoings and his abhorrent laws.

Season 2 Episode 7:  DortonEdit

He is revealed in a prison and is set for execution as a whistleblower until Dark frees him from captivity. He then asks to speak to the person who ordered Dark his rescue and meets Reihart. After confirming his suspicions of the prince being his rescuer (so as to allow him to continue on defaming the king), Ralton requests for one last private conversation with Dark. Instead, he meets Reana by sheer coincidence, but doesn't have any recollection of her from months ago due to Didan's spell.

Season 2 Episode 8:  Yusladipol HarborEdit



Hick - As the Akoom slave of the Elias family, Hick became Ralton's personal servant, tutor, and bodyguard. Although a slave, not only is Hick treated well among the Elias family, but Ralton views Hick's race as the same status as that of human's.

Bentiya - His superior at Hollan Times. She was the one who decided to allow Ralton in the company to see what he can do as a journalist. He views her with respect as a senior employer and experienced writer.

Enga - Rival and superior at the printing company Ralton works in. Very, very few of Ralton's articles were ever (slightly) popular, while Enga's works would sell out more than his. Her most recent work on Prince Reihart broke the company's selling record by 400%.

Mirage Beast Hunters - Ralton has shown a fair interest in the group for their mysterious backgrounds.

Reana Forté - He likes Reana because she is beautiful and quiet, but never does anything that indicates he is interested in learning a lot about her.

Prince Reihart Frihanov Cantaré - Prior to their encounter in Dorton, Ralton already views the prince as a dangerous person from his actions in Taturang. He is wary whether Reihart will become a decent king with his recklessness.

Warning: This tab contain spoilers from the Korean Version of Abide in the Wind

He later on works for the prince in Episode 8.


  • Shin Weol (creator of AitW) based Ralton on the 19th century English explorer, Ney Elias.
  • Despite his clumsiness, Ralton is shown to have had an impressive education with vast knowledge on various things regarding the kingdom, being a noble from a wealthy family.
  • Although his choice in topics for articles are academically interesting, his works did not sell well.
  • Ralton may be either in his mid- or late twenties as he called Reihart a 'brat'.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Reihart) "Will you be king?"