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Physical Titanic stone bodies
Other Gold
Season 1
Chapter 28
 Urum (우름, Uleum) are stone titans, living beings that have lived on the planet for eons.  Unfortunately their population is dwendling and are on the verge of extinction.  Despite their slow movements, Urum are capable of thought-processing.


As titans, they are gigantic in size.  Their body structure is similar to humans having two legs, two arms and a torso, but have stalagmites sprouted from places around their body.  Besides their colossal size, another eyecatching feature of theirs is the yellow highlights shown around their body - it is made of gold.  As beings of the earth, it is also believed that they store gems inside.


Born from the earth itself, their population was said to be vast long ago.  They now only walk between the paths of the Mountain Ranges and the Blue Forest of Mirage Beast.